Brand Storytelling

A little bit of magic happens when people truly connect with a brand’s story.

The reason is simple. Great stories make people feel something, and those emotions create powerful connections that build brand loyalty and brand value. 

Put human reality at the heart of your brand identity.
Having an awesome product or service isn’t enough. Consumers want more.

To win hearts, you need to shape your identity, drive emotional connections, and nurture a relationship with your target audience in every interaction. That’s where powerful narratives come in.

Why choose me for your brand storytelling?

I go way beyond telling a nice story. You’ll get messaging that makes people think, feel and act.

I know how to help you tell original stories that feel authentic. This is a cookie-cutter free zone.


Case studies I’ve written can be found pretty much everywhere – in annual reports, company brochures, impact reports, LinkedIn profiles, and on websites.

I unearth stories for businesses of all sizes – from enthusiastic start-ups to established brands.

Brand copywriting for:

>>  Brand Stories

A story exists for your brand whether you write it, or let it write itself through the perception of the client. With a consistent, relevant, and meaningful brand story being told across all your brand and marketing collateral, you control how your brand is perceived. Control the message with a story your customers love, and love to tell for you.

>>  Case Studies

The best stories are not your own. They belong to your customers and your fans. When you find those that truly touch people’s hearts and minds, invest in bringing them to life.

>>   Company & Staff Profiles

Everyone loves a good story.  And that’s just what a company profile is – the story of how you bring value to your customers, partners and staff.

Ready to tell your story?