Email marketing

If the thought of writing email marketing copy makes you cringe, you’re not alone
I’ve been there and it looks something like this…

Today is the day. After putting it off for months, you’re finally going to get that email sequence DONE.

But then comes the questions, the doubt, the overwhelm…

”Where do I even start? What should I say? Is there a strategy I should be using here? Why is this so hard?”

And before you know it, another day slips by and you’ve gotten… nowhere.

Deep breath.

There’s a much easier way to get your hands on email sequences that sell

I’ll start by capturing your brand’s tone of voice.
Next, I’ll provide clarity and purpose to your copy. I’ll help you answer: What’s it for? Who’s it for? What should go in? And do your words tell your story?
Whether you want to welcome subscribers to your list, run a flash sale, launch a new offer, re-engage or build trust, I know just what’ll do the trick.
I’ve done it for brands launching courses and selling products and services online.
Why choose me as your email marketing copywriter?

conversion focused

I’ll help you welcome new subscribers with loads of value and then guide them toward a paid offer. Easy peasy.

I write *for* YOUR PEOPLE

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a bright spot in your subscribers’ inbox so they couldn’t wait to open up your emails and dig through your content? Come get it.

the power of storytelling

Your days of swiping plug and play email templates are over. With a well-crafted brand story and a strong narrative, you’ll win hearts and minds in no time.


You don’t want to sound like a buttoned-up zombie salesperson. I’ll have you sounding like…. well, you.
Email marketing copywriting for:
• Welcome sequences
• Re-engagement sequences
• Launch sequences
• Sales sequences
• Nurture campaigns
• Abandoned cart emails
• Client onboarding emails
• Automated transactional and promotional emails

Email marketing that generates leads and conversions