Email Marketing

Email campaigns your audience can’t get enough of

What if your emails connected so deeply with your target audience that they thought it was written just for them.

Imagine being able to convince them in just a few words that you’re their perfect match.

And what if among a sea of competition, your emails are the ones that captured their attention?

I know the secret to making it happen.

You have to write it just for them.

That’s the easy bit. Or, at least it will be if you hand over your email marketing to me.

How can I help boost your email marketing?

>>  I’m here to help you tell your story and share your genius. And the best bit? Your dream customers will be taken from passing curiosity to “I want it now”.

>>  It’s one-part storytelling, one-part strategy, and 100% magic.

>> I’m an email marketing copywriter who can help you nurture leads, build brand awareness and improve your sales opportunities.

Why choose me as your email marketing copywriter?


I write sales funnel email copy that:

Nurtures a relationship with your email subscribers

Educates a potential customer on the benefits of your service or product

Guides them to make a purchase decision


I write transactional email copy that:

Improves engagement and trust

Builds brand recognition

Encourages customer retention

Provides opportunities for you to make additional sales

Email marketing copywriting for:

• Autoresponder
• Nurture sequence
• Landing pages
• Indoctrination series
• Welcome email
• Abandoned cart email
• Review requests

Work With Me

It’s time you and I had a chat. Let’s create an email campaign your audience can’t get enough of.