Not prioritising your launch copy is like having a fistful of money and letting it blow away in the breeze

And that needs to stop!

Because when you take the time to *plan* how your sales page, email sequences, launch events, ad campaigns, and blog posts fit into the bigger launch picture? Everything starts to come together way more seamlessly than you ever thought possible.

Introducing the Launch Copy Checklist

Inside, you’ll find:

>> all the types of content and copy you’ll need for a successful launch

>> what to prioritise in each launch phase 

Bonus 1: a basic sales email arch you can use for your next launch

Bonus 2: tips on how you can overcome buyer objections (because they’re as inevitable as a post-Christmas food coma)

Ready to hit the ground running on your next launch?

Your offer + my checklist = match made in launch heaven.

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