You’re smart. You know that fancy words and industry jargon won’t cut it.

You need words that draw your customers to you like ants at a picnic. Makes them fall head over heels for you. And drives them to take action: to opt in; to download; to hire you; to buy your thing; to stick around.


When you work with a conversion copywriter, you don’t just get someone who can string a few nice sentences together. You get someone who knows how to blend a whole lotta strategy, a splash of buyer psychology, and a good dose of sales focused copy.   

Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m here to help take your prospects on a flawlessly mapped out buyer’s journey, from first touchpoint to final conversion.   


I’ve helped businesses:    

>> sell out events 

>> launch new courses  

>> increase subscriptions   

>> sell products  

>> increase the number of clients on their books


How do I do it? 

By working out exactly where your prospects are right now. Empathising with their pains, gains, hopes, and dreams — in their own words. And by serving up words that guide them to that moment when your product, service or course becomes the solution they can’t live without and they can’t get their wallets out fast enough. 



You don’t have to go it alone.

“Kelly made this a seamless process from concept to reality. She was very driven to get the job done and exceeded our expectations – seeing the pieces come together was a definite highlight. Everything was undertaken in a professional manner and she is very honest and open.”
Ibby El-Husseini, Co-founder, Quantum Safety

Ways you can work with me

Website copywriting

Keep people coming back with website copy that takes them from “hmmm, not sure” to “hook me up now”

Content Writing

Offer value, create connections, and build your organic traffic with blogs and newsletters

Business Writing

Annual reports, whitepapers, capabilities statements, grant writing and tender submissions

Communications Strategy

Establish who you are, what you should say, and how you should say it

Brand Storytelling

Celebrate your brand with corporate profiles and case studies

Email Marketing

Create email copy that connects deeply with your audience

You Might Be…

>> an eCommerce business who wants to sell more products  

>> about to launch a new course or program   

>> struggling with how to convey your amazing services and products to potential clients

>> wanting to boost your email subscriber list and then show your subscribers some love  

>> baffled by what lead generation, sales funnels, sales pages, email marketing, and content marketing all mean for your business. 


That’s my cue. 

Here comes the name drop