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Your products and services are only part of your story. It's time to tell the rest.

  • It's time to tell people about the difference you're making.
  • It's time to show the human side of your brand.
  • It's time to build momentum and advance your cause.
  • It's time to join forces with the people who share your vision.
  • It's time to build empathy, establish a connection and inspire action.

Here's what I've learned in 10+ years as a communications specialist:

Copy is more than just words on a page.  It's about unearthing the thing that makes you tick.

The thing is, human-to-human connections are the heart and soul of any organisation, whether you're a government agency, a business on the move, or a not-for-profit in the human services sector.

At its simplest, you’re dealing with people — you're solving problems, changing lives, and making a lasting social impact.

But it can be hard - super hard - to find the words and the right stories for your website, blog, newsletter, and other digital content.

Hand it over to me. My freelance copywriting services will weave in authority, reason, and a whole lot of heart.

kelly eamens copywriter newcastle nsw

I’m Kelly Eamens, a Newcastle freelance copywriter.

There’s a sweet spot between simply telling the world all about your social impact, and engaging people to join you in doing what you do. I am that sweet spot.

I unearth your most inspiring stories, share your social impact, amplify your purpose, and invite your audience to help you make a difference.

One thing I know for sure?

When you start telling your stories  - when you truly let people in on your 'why' - you'll make a real, human connection with your audience. Only then will they engage, support, and take action.

Copywriting services

Website copywriting

An ultra-engaged audience and high conversions without breaking a sweat...

Blog post copywriting

Drive traffic to your website, get some SEO street cred, and build a following.

Email marketing

More than just an engagement tactic, email marketing guides customer decision making.

eCommerce copy

eCommerce copywriting is more than just words on a page. It needs to turn a 'hello' into a happy customer.

Reports + papers

It’s time to share your impact, triumphs and performance. Win hearts and minds by telling an engaging tale.

You might be….

A charity or not-for-profit that needs to up their content game. A government agency that needs to share their work with the people it impacts on. A small business on a mission to change the world. Or a big business looking to share their social responsibility initiatives. All my clients have one thing in common: they're not just in business to do business; they're seeking to create a better world.


Kelly provided great copy for my project that perfectly matched the brief and budget, and was very efficient in executing the project. Highly recommended and will be using again.

Maria Shaflender, True Foods Nutrition

Kelly, I absolutely love it! You did amazing and reading it the first time really pulled on my emotions. You’ve captured with words exactly what I had in mind. Perfect!

Anja Letz, Immeryours

Kelly made this a seamless process from concept to reality. She was very driven to get the job done and exceeded our expectations – seeing the pieces come together was a definite highlight. Everything was undertaken in a professional manner and she is very honest and open. We will definitely be working with Kelly again.

Ibby El-Husseini, Co-founder, Quantum Safety
Kelly has a strong understanding of government communications, especially in the human services sector. She is able to translate complex information into user-friendly written material. When you work with Kelly, you are getting informed insight into who to reach, and how to reach them.
Laura Gerges, Gerges Consulting

A client of mine needed a copywriter with NDIS experience to write a 40 page magazine.

Kelly was so approachable, she gave me some ideas to put forward to my client which we used, and I liked her direction. She was able to get on with the job at hand, write some fantastic copy, and I was able to leave it with her, knowing I could trust her to get the job completed within the tight timeframe.

I would highly recommend Kelly if you are wanting a copywriter who exceeds expectations and is approachable, friendly and just down to earth.

Barbara Burstall, BBMC Virtual Assistance

I highly recommend hiring Kelly to write your copy. She took on my brief and produced a well thought-out and engaging blog post. Her openness to feedback – which she takes on board and makes better! – was also really appreciated. You’re in good hands!

Tamsin Starke, The Email Marketing Mum

So magical – just perfect.

Kelly created fantastic content for my website, I am so happy with all the product descriptions and home page copy. Thank you Kelly, will definitely be returning for more copy.

Belle Soakai, Little Luxe Events

After seeing Kelly’s work and her awesome recommendations, I knew I needed her to write my copy. The way she writes with such understanding for my little business was beautiful and creative.

I would recommend Kelly to anyone who needs a copywriter that has flare, enthusiasm and style. Her words have had a big impact on my little business.

Shane Edmonds Sliwinski, Baby Snooze Sleep Consultant

Makes the complex seems simple. Great results from the copywriting service, easy to deal with, and very happy with the communication and commitment to delivery times.

Caroline De Hoop, Meticulous Designs

Kelly is a brilliant copywriter who truly understands how to write the best copy for online marketing. Whether it’s for websites, blogs or product descriptions and SEO….Kelly nails it every single time!

She’s also amazing at nailing a company’s branding tone of voice and messaging.

I engage Kelly for not just my own copywriting needs, but also for all my digital marketing clients. She’s my secret weapon. Highly recommend!

Desiree Robards, Naked Digital Marketer

You were able to transform my notes into content that perfectly connected the two sides of my business, my offerings and who I am. I felt I would be in good hands; I really like your vibe and the copywriting process was very clear. It was wonderful to work with you.

Elise, Savvy Expressions

Kelly’s skills for copywriting are phenomenal. She not only nails the job given to her but she somehow manages to go above and beyond and always gives me something that I am so proud to share.

Kelly has been an amazing asset to our not for profit Rafiki Mwema. She has provided us with copy that has had such a huge impact we are growing faster than we can imagine. We are so grateful that we found her and for her amazing skills and never ending generosity.

Sarah Rosborg, Director, Rafiki Mwema

Got a story to tell?