Hi, I'm Kelly.....

Conversion copywriter, lip balm addict (legit), and co-founder of 3 children.
Here’s the good news:

It’s totally possible to persuade and convince without being shady or coercive. Yes, you can have sales copy that represents the soul of your business, while driving more conversions that feel good for you AND your clients.

And the key to it all? Working with a conversion copywriter who knows how to help you stand behind your offer and ask for the sale (minus the manipulative sales tactics).

Wanna know my story?

Take a peek behind the screen


You could say that I’ve been unintentionally cultivating the perfect mix of skills for copywriting my whole life. I’ve been a human resources advisor, government communications manager, and policy specialist (plus, there was that brief stint as a hotel receptionist in London – but that’s a story for another time). 

 Tens of thousands of words written for websites, email sequences, sales pages, and course launches later….. and here we are today. I pour in everything I’ve learnt about convincing people to buy more, give more, learn more, care more, and stay a little longer.

Now, it’s your turn. Are you in? 


When I’m not working on all things copy, here’s what you can probably find me doing:  



battling toddlers for control of the remote so that I can binge watch low-brow reality TV (I mean, there’s only so much Peppa Pig I can take)


having a nanna nap (nothing like a post lunch recharge, right?)


getting my online shopping fix and hiding the haul from my husband


picking up after 3 kids, 3 puppies, 3 bunnies and 1 cat. It never ends…..


So you’ve honed in on your target client, your visuals are on point, and you know your ‘thing’ is next level amazing (because you’ve spent time validating it – smart cookie).  

Now what?   

You guessed it: you need the words to start selling. 

You don’t have to go it alone – that’s what I’m here for. 

And it’s not just because sales copy is totally my thing. It’s true that I love a good website, an email sequence can get me euphoric, and sales pages leave me feeling all kinds of excited. But what really lights me up is when you wrap strategy and story around those things. That’s when all your efforts stop being a buzzkill and time-waste – and they start being the thing that turns your business around.  

I’m here to help you build something that will thrive – which means more selling, minus the guesswork and pushy sales tactics.

Are you in?

My social mission

Australian charity Rafiki Mwema was born from the need to support sexually abused children in Kenya. Rafiki Mwema breathes life back into the world of these kids by enveloping them in love and providing them with comprehensive therapy until the trauma they have experienced no longer dominates their existence. 

As a member of the Media and Communications Committee, I see first-hand how every dollar is put to work where it’s needed. We all owe it to these children to stand beside and support those on the ground making a difference.


Work With Me

My work is all about you and the things we can create together.    

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