Freelance copywriter, communications specialist, co-founder of 3 children.

Or you could just call me ‘Kelly’.
Here’s the good news:

You’ve found the place where businesses with a conscience go to get copywriting that brings us all a little closer to the things that matter most.

For over 10 years, I’ve been writing copy that convinces people to buy more, give more, learn more, care more, and stay a little longer.

So what’s my story?

Take a peek behind the screen

I could tell you all about the stuff I did working in government communications. The communication strategies, the key messages, the annual reports, and the speeches for state ministers.

But those details? Well, they’re the least interesting thing about my communications career.

Throughout it all, I worked with some of the very best:

Organisations who poured their heart and soul into protecting abused children, and healing their physical and emotional scars

NGOs who fought tirelessly to change policies on the detention of asylum seeker children


Not-for-profits founded by mums and dads who decided that young people with a disability should never live in aged care


And, agencies dedicated to ending women and children sleeping rough because they were too terrified to go home to violence

THESE WERE Good people helping to solve real problems.

And that’s what I wanted more of.

So I said my goodbyes to corporate communications, took what I learnt about getting strategic, creating clarity, and reaching the people that matter – and reimagined myself as a freelance copywriter.

Fast forward to today where I get to work with people and ideas that I believe in.

My words can be found working hard for charities, NGOs, government departments, ambitious start-ups, and a host of small businesses with big hearts.

This copywriting business of mine is my way of leaving a small mark on the world by collaborating with the brands who deserve to be known and loved.

Are you one of them?
My own social mission

Australian charity Rafiki Mwema was born from the need to support sexually abused children in Kenya. Rafiki Mwema breathes life back into the world of these kids by enveloping them in love and providing them with comprehensive therapy until the trauma they have experienced no longer dominates their existence. 

As a member of the Media and Communications Committee, I see first-hand how every dollar is put to work where it’s needed. We all owe it to these children to stand beside and support those on the ground making a difference.


Work With Me

My work is about you and the things we can create together to share your message.    

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