Copywriting FAQ

All the answers to your questions about copywriting, web copywriting, blog writing, editing and proofreading.
Q: What does a professional copywriter do?

A copywriter writes content that has an agenda: the clients’ agenda. It might be to get people to take a particular action (like buying your product or service), or it might be to inform an audience. As a copywriter, a few of the things you could find me working on include blog posts, social media content, newsletters, website copy, press releases, brochures, websites, case studies, video scripts, and even writing speeches.

Q: I need a copywriter, where are you based?

I’m based in Newcastle, NSW but I have worked with clients all over Australia.

Q: What industries and businesses do you write for?

I write for all types of clients, from the big end of town to solo start-ups. Every single business is different and it’s my job to understand these differences and write content that fits with your brand and appeals to your customers.

Q: Does your rate include revision?

I provide you with two rounds of copy to review. You’ll receive two drafts, and you can comment and revise each of these. Any additional revisions will be subject to additional charges.

Q: How long will it take for me to get my copy?

There’s no straight answer to this as there are so many variables to each copywriting project. We’ll have a chat and come to an agreement on deadlines for each stage.

Q: I already have some content written that I just need looked over, do you do that?

I sure do. I can provide a comprehensive edit of your copy or just proofread what you’ve already got. Budgets can be tight and can’t always stretch to a full copywriting service, so a proofread or edit can be the next best bet.

Q: What’s your writing style and how will it fit with my business?

My natural writing style is clear, engaging and uncomplicated; it strikes the right balance between being professional and friendly. Part of my job is to work out what ‘voice’ your business already has and write content that complements that.

Q: Do you outsource any of the copywriting?

Nope, I’m a one woman show. Every single piece of copy is written by me.

Q: Do you design the ad, brochure, logo, website etc?

Writing copy is my thing, so for everything else I collaborate with an amazing team of experts – from branding specialists, graphic designers, logo designers, and web developers – to help you communicate the right message to your ideal client.

Q: Will we meet to discuss my copywriting project?

I’ve embraced digital so all my business is online. Usually a chat over the phone and some back and forth over email with my Creative Brief will do the trick.

Q: Can I see samples of your work?

Yep. Get in touch and I’ll send you some samples from my copywriting portfolio.

Q: When do I pay you?

I take 50% up-front which is the copywriting industry standard. The remaining is due within 14 days of completion of your copywriting project.

Q: I need a copywriter; how do we get the ball rolling?

Easy! Get in touch (here’s the quickest way) and we can have a chat about your copywriting needs.


Hi there. I’m Kelly, an Australian copywriter based in Newcastle, NSW.

Yes, I can write a great email campaign, annual report, or website copy for you. But, just like you and your brand, I’m all about adding more.

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